Monday, May 20, 2013

Upcoming: Last Of the Gypsies (#Mayvember Chapbook)

After several delays – a few authentic “hands-tied” moments pillowed by month-long indecisions – Dead Letter Birds presents the #Mayvember chapbooks, ready and shipping! A few details about Last Of the Gypsies:

1) Each copy contains the same five-poem selection as well as a photo print by Emily Pascoe. All were assembled in our makeshift St Catharines' "studio".

2) We took a few liberties with cover paper and decoration – no two copies look identical! (Check out the photos below...)

3) These were made in an extremely limited batch – one for each person who contributed funds to my Movember challenge last year. I’ve had a bunch of kind people (okay, three) inquire about getting a copy of Last Of the Gypsies after-the-fact, or pro-bono as they say. At the time I sort of wavered on the idea. Obviously I’d like anyone with an interest to get a copy but, in this case, I think those who supported my moustache should feel a bit special, right?

Despite scrambling on account of a few snags here and there (i.e. not having a printer…), the fruits of our labour have certainly eclipsed small frustrations along the way. I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Emily, whose love of craftiness opened a lot of options I never would have considered. Hopefully in due time I’ll tackle another small run that’ll be open to anyone interested. Until then, a big final thank you to everyone who supported men’s health during last year’s Movember campaign. Watch your mailboxes! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

"No More Nostalgic Poems" published in The Steel Chisel

Last month I came across The Steel Chisel, an online literary magazine run by David Emery that publishes new writing on the thirteenth of every month. I tweeted about Gary Robinson's intriguing "Amelia" and enjoyed new poems by rob mclennan, Ben Ladouceur and Ian Martin. April's issue was so good I didn't hesitate to submit some work.

And I'm glad I did; the Vancouver-based magazine has included my poem "No More Nostalgic Poems" in the May issue unveiled today. Originally conceived as part of my 'Niagara Grayscale Suite' of poems dedicated to neighbourhoods around St Catharines, "No More Nostalgic Poems" rebelled and took its own path.

Check it out alongside new writing by Roland Prevost, Pamela Mosher, Janna Payne and Jeff Blackman. I'm heading out to work shortly but looking forward to reading the whole issue once I get home. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

More new "Recent Reads" at Ottawa Poetry Newsletter

Two new reviews of mine were posted onto Ottawa Poetry Newsletter this afternoon. Click the link to peer into the latest chapbooks by rob mclennan (Trace,, above/ground press) and Joshua Marie Wilkinson (A Little Slash at the Meadow, above/ground press). Both titles are well worth checking out and/or great perks when you subscribe!

If you're looking for more "Recent Reads", here are reviews of Helen Hajnoczky's The Double Bind Dictionary and Sonnet L'Abbe's broadside poem Influence I wrote last month.