Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Upcoming: Contemporary Verse 2's spring issue

My poem “Lull” will appear in the spring issue of Contemporary Verse 2. I received notification four months ago but resisted blogging about it until more concrete information surfaced. Or, as it happens, until a copy showed up in my mailbox this morning! I've only flipped back and forth to the works of familiar names so far but I can say it's a beautiful issue.

Every publication is exciting but I’m especially proud to see “Lull” go nation-wide when this "poetry only" issue hits bookshops over the next few weeks. Whether you live on the West Coast, in Yukon, the prairies, Central Canada or the Maritimes, CV2 has a full list of sellers so that you can pick up a copy in just about any major city. Christopher's Smoke Shop, I'll be seeing you soon...

Update: CV2's site is updated and taking orders now!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nickel95's issue is now available!

The inaugural issue of Nickel95 is now being sold at readings in London, Ontario as well as through the zine's new online digs. I can say that my poem "Cagedly" appears but the rest has been kept pretty hush-hush. Poet and founder Melissa Upfold also has plans to sell it on Etsy and in Sarnia, Ontario's literary circle. If you'd like a physical copy of Issue One, which from all Facebook photos, looks awesome, you can order it from http://sanriapress.wix.com/nickel95zine.

Update: You can also buy copies from etsy now.