Saturday, December 24, 2011

Zouch Magazine Publishes New Poem

The poem entitled "&" has been published in Zouch Magazine this week. Thank you Zouch! I’m pleased to see it featured for a number of reasons and at this time of year, specifically. As both the elegy to a narrative in my life that has held strong for ten years and, incidentally, the last poem I wrote prior to getting married in September, "&" touches on some things I found important to say right. The timing of the publication just happens to coincide with the hometown scene I envisioned while writing it – those south-end, St. Catharines bungalows smoking over a winter solstice.

I reckon the approach of New Year’s signals a cause for navel-gazing in each of us, on some level. You can read mine here.

What a year it has been.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Afterlight Revisited

At this time last December I made the DeadLetterBirds blog, with the most immediate purpose being the online publication of Afterlight - a collection of misfit poems executed over my two years living in Toronto. In many ways, that intention neatly sums up my 2010 as one slow but effective cleansing period which gradually distanced me from the fog of 2009. Whether the twenty-four poems of Afterlight ever echoed the veering instability of that time, I can't say, but the memory of writing them makes clear that I've little interest in reliving those triggers anymore. That's why all of the Afterlight poems have been removed, as of today.

I began writing again in the spring of 2011 and haven't stopped. At present, DeadLetterBirds may boast nothing but a string of fresh starts but I'm hopeful that a new year will find me chronicling some additional news and poetry here. With those two-year-old poems now removed, it feels as though a burden has been lifted from this humble space. A burden the weight of cobwebs. It feels good to clean up sometimes.