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New poem in Bywords

The August issue of Bywords is live and it's a generous one: six poems, plus a review! That's something I could get used to. Besides featuring thought-provoking work by Michael Blouin, Lori Garrison, Shery Alexander Heinis, Emily Falvey and Conyer Clayton, it also includes Diana Manole's deep reading of Helen Hajnoczky's Magyar├ízni. Oh, and my poem, "Huron Sheets Clinic".

It occurred to me that "Huron Sheets Clinic" coincides with the anniversary of my first, non-student publication for poetry -- also in Bywords! It was six Augusts ago that their selection committee chose "Imaginary Moats" and transformed my idle daydreams about being a published writer into reality.

Thanks to Amanda Earl and the Bywords team for having me back again. Now go read the issue.

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