Thursday, November 20, 2014

Into new territory; Quiddity Vol 7.2

Way back in February I shared news that Quiddity International Literary Journal would be publishing two of my poems, and that occasion has arrived. “Just in time for Thanksgiving,” Quiddity announced yesterday while revealing the above image on Twitter, and it got me thinking: Thanksgiving? Oh, right… this is the most significant publication I’ve had in the USA so far.

The excitement of being in an American journal is like being nonchalantly lost and bemused by how few signposts you see. As this issue first churned its way out of pulp and revealed a list of author biographies, it felt strange not to know any fellow contributors. After all, part of getting published in Canada is geeking out over who you're sharing paper with. But with Vol 7.2 now imminent, I’m emboldened to seek out some emerging, international poets.

Copies of Quiddity can be ordered via their website. Alternately you can subscribe or order single issues through this PDF. Watch these spaces over the coming weeks for Vol 7.2, in which “Vulture Bay” and “The Smyth Ave Nightly Migration” are set to appear.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

T-minus one week until Meet the Presses!

Meet the Presses is a collective of volunteers who write, publish and read. In a week’s time, they will hold their annual Indie Literary Market at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. If ”Indie Literary Market” reads like frilly synonyms for "small press fair", it’s for a good reason: this will not be your typical small press fair.

The forty or so presses gathering on Saturday, November 22nd have been selected by the collective, which not only ensures a certain benchmark for quality but for variety as well. Influential publishers such as Mansfield Press, BookThug and Coach House Books will share wares with emerging outfits like Apt. 9 Press, words(on)pages and Cough

The event will also reveal the winner of the bpNichol Chapbook Award from a shortlist featuring Jason Christie (above/ground press), Mat Laporte (Odourless Press), Christine McNair (Apt. 9 Press), matt robinson (Gaspereau Press), Christine Leclerc (Nomados) and Phil Hall (Thee Hellbox Press). The prize this year has doubled to $4,000, with the publisher of the winning chapbook also receiving $500. The judges are Sandra Ridley and Kevin McPherson Eckhoff.

There will be much to celebrate. Check out full details on the poster above and let me know if you’ll be attending!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Parting Shots" to appear in Tower Poetry

Nobody has been kinder to me this Fall than Hamilton’s literary scene. With a poem in Time and Place’s latest issue, a featured spot at Lit Live Reading Series and another poem forthcoming from a brand new journal (more on that soon…), I’ve immensely enjoyed the past few weeks.

This unusual streak looks to culminate with news that poem “Parting Shots” will be published in Tower Poetry’s Winter Issue. Updates to follow. As you may recall from the piece I wrote for Town Crier this summer, Tower Poetry is Hamilton’s longest-running literary journal and I'm happy to see a poem of mine accepted.